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Michael Barnard 24' Midwest Amatuer Championships SUPER COLOR Buzzz AM SAM

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Regular price $24.99
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Collaborating with renowned artist Michael Barnard has once again produced an extraordinary design for the 2024 Midwest Amateur Championships PDGA A Tier in Kansas City. 

For 2024, I wanted to do something more fun and utilize Michaels talents with his Garbage Patch Style drawings.  Since this is an Amateur event, I came up with the 'Am Sam' design and Michael came up with the artwork.

Only 50 of these are produced in the Discraft SuperColor Print and only 15 of them were released to the public, the remaining went to the actual event and/or staff.

What Discraft says about the Buzzz
More players agree: Buzzz™ is the best golf disc you can buy, period. It's an ultra-dependable, straight flying midrange that you'll reach for again and again. Throw it hard and versatile Buzzz™ will hold any line you put it on. Discraft's 30-year reputation for consistency means that if you lose it, just pull out a new one and you're back in business.

** Pictures are of each foil and disc color but might have some slight variation between discs of the same disc color and foil color.