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  • Trust the Formula

    Place the UnderPar Formula right in front of you!

    I want a shirt!
  • Get Your Ace On!

    Another piece of the UnderPar Formula. What is one way to shoot UnderPar? Get an Ace Baby!!

    Hit those Chains!

    These soft blend shirts are not just soft, they are MEGA Soft, using a custom MEGA Soft process to exceed your expectations

    Feel Comfy today!

UnderPar Formula Collection

Par is Good - UnderPar is Better!

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    Shipping is a Flat Rate of $5.00 to anyplace within the United States, regardless of how much you purchase. (Some items may have different shipping rules)

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Do you offer Free Shipping?

Generally shipping is a Flat $5.00 regardless of how many items you purchase. Some special larger items may have different shipping rules.

Do you offer custom apparel?

One of our specialties is custom apparel, however we are in the process of getting all of the details organized. We will make an announcement as soon as that is viable.

Do you offer any discounts?

From time to time, we will offer special promotions. Make sure you subscribe to our email list or one of your social media for the most up to date offers.

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