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Formula Collection: Westside Discs VIP Air Northman (Wave Formula)

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Options: 154g Yellow - Black Foil
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Unlock the secrets to disc golf mastery with the UnderPar Formula – a philosophy that encapsulates the essence of improvement and success in the game you love. The formula, comprised of Birdie, Eagle, Albatross, and Ace, symbolizes progressive achievement and continuous improvement. Start by consistently hitting Birdies, fine-tuning your skills and strategies to surpass the standard. Progress to the elusive Eagle, where precision and finesse become paramount. Aim for the Albatross, a rare feat that demands mastery of every aspect of the game. Finally, aspire for the Ace, the pinnacle of success, representing perfection in your disc golf journey.

Embrace the UnderPar Formula as your guide, pushing boundaries, honing skills, and achieving new heights. With dedication and strategic progression through each level, you'll not only enhance your game but also experience the unparalleled satisfaction of mastering the UnderPar Formula. Disc golf greatness awaits those who embrace the challenge and commit to the journey.

The UnderPar Formula is essential for any serious disc golfer aiming to consistently shoot below par. Each stroke below par, whether it's a birdie, eagle, albatross, or ace, contributes to achieving that goal. It's not just about hitting those remarkable shots; it's also about strategic planning, shot execution, and mental focus throughout the round. Understanding how to capitalize on opportunities and minimize mistakes is key to mastering the UnderPar Formula and improving your overall game.

What Westside Discs say about the Northman

Westside Northman is one of our original drivers. It has a bigger feel in the hand, which in return gives it that extra float in the air that you are looking to achieve. The Northman is fast and dependable. For faster arms it will fly straight with a small fade and then finish stable. For the lower arm speeds it will fly stable, but practically hover in the air. A good addition to anyone’s bag.

Speed: 10 | Glide: 5 | Turn: -1 | Fade: 2

** Pictures are of each foil and disc color but might have some slight variation between discs of the same disc color and foil color.