Collection: What can UnderPar Promotions offer?

UnderPar Promotions has been working in the Event Management industry for nearly 30 years and has run over 200 events.  Almost each one of those events are branded and marketed differently, so we have been forced to learn all of the promotional items that can be offered to our players and customers.

Our goal is to assist you and your brand to be more visible to your selected client.  We can provide just about any item for your event, club or business.  From Full Color Sublimation and Screen Printed Apparel, custom marketing tents to sharpies and koozies.

Each custom item is treated differently and can sometimes be hard to create a standard pricing sheet, as there are usually questions that come along with that answer.  Please email with any request and we can get those details started for you right away.

100% Polyester Full Color Sublimation

1 - 3 Shirt - $39.99 each
4 - 10 Shirts - $34.99 each
11-19 Shirts - $29.99 each
20+ Shirt - $24.99 each (Free Shipping)

Polyester / Spandex Blend option available (+$2 each)

Shipping and Art Charges may apply